1. A building permit is required for the execution of any construction work, which does not fall under small-scale construction work and concerns in particular:

a) Construction, addition and repair of buildings,

b) Demolition of constructions excluding the cases of paragraph 4,

c) Excavations or embankments greater than plus/minus 0.80 meters, as well as paving, configurations of plots and fields for the purpose of building,

d) Swimming pool construction,

e) Change of use, if there is a change for the worse, in the elements of the coverage diagram or in the design loads of the static study or change of mechanical installations in terms of their passage from other floors or common areas,

f) Construction of retaining walls

g) Construction of underground tanks,

h) Installation works of underground, prefabricated liquid and gaseous fuel tanks at petrol stations,

i) Works of the present article, with a budget of more than twenty-five thousand (25,000) euros,

j) Legalization of any work performed for which the issuance of a building permit is required.

Article 30

Works not requiring planning permission or small scale works approval.

No building permit or small-scale works approval is required for the following works, subject to the special provisions concerning the area or the building:

a) Interior painting works, small repairs of doors and windows or individual repairs for reasons of use and hygiene, repair or replacement of floors,

b) Small-scale internal repairs or conversions that do not change the load-bearing construction of the building, as well as constructions required for the movement or any form of service for people with disabilities or people with disabilities.

c) Exterior painting or replacement of railings or repair of coatings or repair of facades without the use of scaffolding,

d) Maintenance, repair, modification or even partial replacement of building installations and ducts,

e) Replacement of internal or external frames and glass panes in the same opening,

f) Maintenance and repair of roofs or roofs without the use of scaffolding,

g) Small ground formations up to plus/minus 0.80 m from the natural ground,

h) Installation of air conditioners and wall-mounted gas boilers for heating and production of domestic hot water in existing buildings, in accordance with par. 10 of article 16 of Law 4067/2012, installation of an array of wall-mounted gas boilers for heating or production of domestic hot water in ground-floor outdoor areas residential areas, installation of natural gas supply, regulation and measurement systems, such as regulators, meters and pipelines, installation of High Efficiency Cogeneration of Electricity and Heat (CHP) systems, above-ground natural gas distribution or measurement and regulation stations gas, according to article 17 of Law 4067/2012,

i) Installation of solar water heaters, in accordance with par. 2b and 2c of article 19 of Law 4067/2012,

j) Installation works of passive solar systems or replacement of external frames or installation or replacement of chimneys on the external faces of existing buildings, without the use of scaffolding, within the framework of the "Home Savings" program, as well as works of installation of passive solar systems or replacement of external frames or installation or replacement of chimneys on the external faces of existing buildings without the use of scaffolding,

k) Placement or installation of equipment in buildings, such as cupboards and pots, change, installation or removal of external partitioning elements, as well as installation of small areas of permanent decorative and utilitarian elements, such as statues, fountains, iconostasis, benches and tables, or temporary animal shelters surface up to three (3) sq.m. in uncovered areas of plots and fields,

l) Construction of stoves, ovens and fireplaces with their chimneys in uncovered areas of plots or fields, provided that there is a building with residential use, as well as in a building that has a building permit or exists legally, as long as the load-bearing elements of the building are not affected by residential use and provided that they are independent, individual residences with an independent supporting body, m) Construction of a pergola with or without a temporary surface shade up to fifty (50) square meters, in uncovered areas, front yards and ground floor terraces, as long as it is not prohibited by special regulations in force in the area,

n) Constructions, such as stairs, inclined levels (ramps), struts and terraces in uncovered areas of plots and courts,

o) Installation of temporary shades, blinds, sheds and awnings,

p) Laying the floor of an uncovered space, provided that it does not exceed one third (1/3) of the uncovered space,

q) Ground shaping up to 0.80 m from the natural ground for reasons of improving its natural relief, using natural loose materials, such as soil and masonry without mortar, without altering its general natural geomorphology, the natural slope of rainwater runoff and the starting stations for measuring altitudes,

h) Constructions within the plot-field to create entrance areas to the plots and fields, up to two and a half (2.50) m high, up to two and a half (2.50) m wide and up to one (1.00) m deep,

s) Constructions for the placement of electricity meters at the boundaries of the plots of land or within these uncovered areas, in accordance with the applicable specifications,

k) Photovoltaic systems on buildings and for system power up to 100Kw,

k) Construction of underground bases made of reinforced concrete for the installation of electromechanical equipment of all kinds, the installation on them of the corresponding electromechanical equipment, as well as the construction of accompanying projects within each type and category of outdoor Substations of the Transmission System and the Electricity Distribution Network, existing or new, which at no point exceed 0.50 m from the final ground level and for which a static study approved by the implementing body is available,

kv) Constructions for the installation of infrastructure and installation of electric vehicle charging devices, without requiring the installation of a new MV/HV transformer (M/S) in the internal electrical installation,

c) Fencing using any material up to a height of three and a half (3.5) meters, fields in non-planned areas and in settlements that lack a city plan, within which the operation of immigration detention centers, closed controlled island structures, reception and identification centers and accommodation facilities,

kd) Works required for the installation and operation of Waste Transfer Stations such as protective fencing of the area, configurations for traffic and vehicle access services including any required retaining walls, curtains for wind protection, installation of prefabricated houses (post/staff building), as well as the necessary infrastructure networks for the operation of the station and to deal with environmental impacts,

k) Works required for the installation of bridge decks, with their necessary attachments on properties that cover the housing and operation needs of the Customs Services of the Country.

ks) Thermal insulation works of horizontal exterior faces of buildings (such as roofs), as well as pitched ceilings, as long as scaffolding is not used, Before the execution of the above works, an electronic certificate of a competent engineer, issued by the information system of the Technical Chamber of Greece (T.E.E), must be drawn up, that in the area of the property for the above works no approval is required from any body. In case approvals from other institutions or collective bodies are required, a file is updated with the above approvals.

By decision of the Minister of Environment and Energy, works may be supplemented or modified for which the issuance of a permit or the approval of small-scale construction works is not required.

Construction on the islands. Strict rules.

More stringent building rules on the islands will apply after a decision by the Council of State. The Supreme Court agrees with the need to increase the limit for marking up plots by 8 sweeps for new sites that will arise upon the adoption of a new bill while limiting the construction area and more stringent compliance with the rules in all areas outside the plan and settlements in order to protect and not continue to change the nature of Greece’s exceptional sensitivity. The State Council, agreeing to fulfill the building permits issued earlier under a more favorable regime, refutes the possibility of applying the previous regime for applications submitted to the Urban Planning Authority to issue a construction permit, since the island landscape needs special state care and protection, the state has not been studied the question of how much the application of more favorable conditions for construction can harm the appearance of island areas. At the same time, he rejects the provisions that generally allow the construction of underground structures on the islands without preliminary documentary assessment of the new method of construction, which is considered constitutionally necessary in order to avoid affecting the nature and character of each region. As mentioned in the newspaper Efnos, the fifth department of the State Council approved a lawful program under the Presidential Decree, which makes stricter rules for building off-plan on the islands, it was aimed at finalizing shortly before the election, and therefore should be adopted by the current government. The Supreme Court emphasizes, however, that the state must ensure the rapid promotion of this program, which meets the constitutional requirements for the protection of the environment.

The program provides the following in detail.

The program applies to all islands except Crete and Euboea.

New sites with a limit for marking up plots for 8 bastings with a front side of 45 meters on a public road for living, offices, shops, restaurants, etc., for tourist sites – 15 bastards and a similar situation. They are considered integral and suitable for the construction of a site in 4 stumps, already existing before the adoption of the new presidential decree, are considered integral and still in force, thus allowing construction to be carried out on sites up to 27-8-02 in 2 stumps with the front side onto a public road.

Allowed to create solid sites by combining.

The construction of 200 sq.m. is allowed on sites in 8 stumps, and 150 sq.m in 4 storms The area for construction increases slightly according to the mathematical formula with the increase in the area of ​​the property. On uninhabited islands, repairs or construction of small buildings (maximum 100 sq.m.) are allowed to meet the needs of national defense and security, agriculture, livestock, science, archeology. The development of tourist facilities is allowed, if this is provided for by special planning of a strategic or local nature. The height of the buildings does not exceed 7.50 meters and on the Cyclades islands – 4.5 meters. Especially in the Cyclades, where the volume of buildings exceeds 450 cubic meters, it should be dispersed. Prefabricated or collapsible settlements, mobile homes or structures on stilts are not allowed, while solar water heaters, renewable energy and air conditioning facilities in open space are allowed only in places that are not visible to everyone. Electricity and telephone installations are located in recesses.

Landscape design

The final stages of work

  • Landscape design. Detailed, well-executed design is a reliable way to optimize landscaping and landscaping. It requires the interaction of the designer and the customer. Together we will have to develop the concept of the site and choose the style of the future landscape. Our experts will carry out the artistic development and detailing of landscape design in certain areas (decorative compositions, external lighting) and make up the site design as a whole.
  • Landscaping – this is the stage of preparation of the site for direct planting (cultivation of the soil, the relief of the site).
  • Landscaping – at this stage, the site takes on the form that you were aiming for. This is an extremely important point, requiring a high landscape professionalism from the performer. Planting trees and bushes, arranging flower beds, flower beds and lawns.

Repair permit


Required documents: